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About Molde FHS

The School

Molde Folkehøgskole is a Norwegian Folk High School which by definition is a boarding school offering general education through a great variety of courses and subjects. The Folk High Schools have no set curriculum and no formal examinations. Please note that the Norwegian Folk High Schools give no vocational or professional training. But you get a year of practical and theoretical education within fields that interest you, not to mention worthwhile personal experience and development. You get a leaving certificate upon completion.

A year at a folk high school in Norway is an opportunity to be part of the Norwegian culture, experience Norwegian nature, learn Norwegian, and participate in exciting social activities along with other young people.

More about Molde FHS

Molde Folkehøgskole is beautifully situated in the city of Molde overlooking the Romsdal fjord surrounded by the famous Romsdal alps. The setting is ideal for focus area courses like sports and outdoor life. Our other subjects are training instruction and computing/multimedia. The school is run by the regional chapter of the Christian organisation Indremisjonsforbundet, and the teaching is based on Christian values. Most of our students come from Norway, representing most parts of the country, as well as different walks of life and world views. The great majority are young adults (average age 19).

What is a Folk High School?

A one-year independent residential school, primarily for young adults, offering many non-traditional subjects of study.
Each school has its own profile, but as a group, the Norwegian folk high schools teach classes covering a variety of interest areas, including history, arts, crafts, music, sports, philosophy, theatre, photography etc. Students live on campus from late August to the middle of May, sharing class time and leisure time with other students and the school staff.

Most students have already finished upper secondary school (or high school) and are looking for an unconventional educational experience at a place which both informs you and trains you for participation in a democratic society. Teaching is based on dialogues, and the schools provide you with the freedom to learn in your own way, grow in self-knowledge, and explore the world. Folk high schools challenge their students to grow individually, socially and academically.

A Folk High School - what it is not:

By law, folk high schools conduct no formal examinations and issue no diplomas or degrees. The folk high schools are independent from the regular educational system in Norway. International students at the folk high schools that want to continue study in Norway do not automatically qualify to enrol as students to a Norwegian college or university after a year at a folk high school. They have to pass the same entry requirements as other international students, to get an offer to study. As a student at a folk high school you have limited possibilities for working while you attend the school, as lectures and activities are taking place also in the evenings and in the weekend. Having a part-time job while studying is not recommended. To get a residence permit you have to be a full-time student.

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